The Sweet Spot

The hardest part for us as I’ve said before was realising that it’s easy.

It is as it sounds. Oh so sweet!!

The sweet spot for us is that we have passed the point of needing to invest any additional capital to grow this business to six figures this year. The money is compounding itself. We have the system down and it is growing exponentially. By next year and certainly within eighteen months we expect to be well on the way to seven figures. It’s a first for us so we are really excited.

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What kind of investment of money did we make? We put an additional €5,000 into buying books by getting a loan. This allowed us to build our inventory very quickly. Where else could we have the opportunity to turn €5,000 into €100,000 within a year? And it’s only year one. Selling books this way is a vehicle for flipping money quickly even when starting with small money pots. That is why I love it so much. It’s an opportunity for the little guy and gal to get their foot in the door and make life-changing money.

Within the community there are varying budgets. Some begin with unlimited budgets and scale at a much greater rate than ourselves and then there are some that start with $100 and scale more slowly and steadily and others then everywhere in between that.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.      ~Zig Ziglar~

The starting point does not matter. The important thing we have found is to put your boat in the water wherever you are and get going. Once we saw for ourselves that it works consistently it’s been an easy transition to success since. The hardest part for us as I’ve said before was realizing that it’s easy.

We continue to buy books based on ROI (return on investment) and sell based on the 2018 05 30th Sales Screenshotmarket. With the nuanced buying that we’re doing now we can pretty much predict our sales going forward because we can send our books into Amazon ready to sell and turn our money over within 30-60 days. Consistently rolling our money over that many times a year is rewarding us with an insane annual ROI.

I am writing this blog because this book arbitrage system is a vehicle for real wealth creation that can work for anyone who does it. I have always been passionate about helping others to move the needle for themselves and this is by far the simplest and most effective way for Joe Bloggs (average person) to get started on exponential financial freedom starting on a limited budget within a relatively short amount of time.

For many years I signed up for lots of programmes that promised a lot but did not deliver. This system and these guys are the real deal and I am delighted to say our lives are changed forever because of it.

This journey is rewarding on so many levels. Yes, the money is fabulous and changing our lives because we are finally in charge of the money we create in our lives. That right there is reward enough. For us it means so much more.

Tom and I will be together working from home by the end of the year. Our dream. We will be able to work from anywhere in the world as it’s all on-line. Delicious. Our confidence in ourselves because we are becoming successful entrepreneurs has changed the way we move through the world.

Our expectations of what is attainable has expanded and within our reach over the next few months. Our ability to take of ourselves and the people we love most is truly fulfilling. Our extended families are also creating real world prosperity through this system and with that comes familial satisfaction and empowerment of those around us in a big way.

The friendships we are forming within the community and the epic support that is available is so wonderful and unlike anything we have ever experienced before. We really are all in this together and helping each other to reach our financial goals and it’s why this programme has proven priceless for us.

In my next blog I will describe some of the mind chatter that we had to remove which has made this whole process seamless for us on the inside as well as the outside. Remember the joy is in the journey.

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Easy Money

It is not rocket science. It is a paint by numbers system of buying and selling books and making a lot of money in the process.

I promised to share with you how we make easy money and find unlimited book deals to buy every day. It’s an easy two pronged approach.


Firstly, we use the software I have talked about before (see here) to find deals with any price range and/or with any sales rank we desire. For the uninitiated the lower the sales rank of a book, the faster it sells. Makes sense right? A number one bestselling book sells faster than a book ranked at a million.

Next, we choose the filters that suit our budget best and the sales rank we like. For example, we might put in books priced at $10-$15 books and a sales rank no higher than 100,000 and voila, pages and pages of books show up that meet that criteria. This takes less than thirty seconds.

Next, we use which is a free service that gives all the information available on every book e.g. price of book, sales rank of book, history of sales rank, history of price of book, trade-in opportunities etc. We loaded this software once and now we can see at a glance if a book has potential profit or not right away.

This allows us to know before we buy any books what percentage return on investment we can expect. Now the market is extremely dynamic so that figure is not guaranteed but we can make informed choices. As with any market timing is everything. So even if a book is a bestseller it may or not be the best time of year to buy the book. If it is we go ahead and buy the book. If it is not which the chart will tells us then we simply set a price alert on it and this software will track our book for us and automatically email us when our ideal price is available. Simple.keepa emails

Every morning we literally wake up to hundreds of deal opportunities in our email account on books that we are interested in buying because we targeted them specifically. So no spam, just deals on research we have already done. Could it be easier? I think not. We begin each day with amazing book deals before we even get dressed. How many things can you say that about? I told you this is easy.

Now as I mentioned above the book market is extremely dynamic. There are unlimited deals so there is never any panic but we do need to track the prices of our books so that they remain competitive. There are many repricing tools that anyone can purchase that automatically reprice books or there are some free ones.

We are currently researching using some paid repricing software but for now we reprice using Amazon’s free repricing tool and we manually reprice as well. Yes, Amazon provide the wonderful service of repricing for its booksellers free of charge. On any given day millions of books are bought and sold on-line so it is important to know the status of books i.e. where they are placed on the sales page and if they need to be repriced up or down to sell the book.

This information is available at a glance. Again, easy. Obviously, moving forward automating at least some of this job to autorepricing software will be really beneficial but some manual repricing will still be required especially during the bumper seasons.

For the moment we are doing this ourselves for two reasons, one, we are passionate about learning every aspect of this business and the other is because we are not at the financial stage of outsourcing yet but it is something that is so simple that it can be handed off to an assistant with a half hour training. How cool is that? I’ll keep you posted on that.

That’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of success with this business. Because of the way the guys have set it up. It is simple. It is powerful. It is structured for success. It is pretty predictable.

It is not rocket science. It is a paint by numbers system of buying and selling books and making a lot of money in the process.

There is a tipping point which we are very close to hitting which is the compounding point at which the money we have invested so far is now generating itself. No further capital required if desired and still exponential growth of our business and sales is for certain once we apply what we now know. Let’s get into that juicy sweet spot next.

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Success is a Habit

It is consciously having it all in every area of your life.

I approach success in two ways i.e. Personal and Professional. Both categories are interlinked. No light bulbs flashing there. However, the successful people I know are keenly aware of how they spend their time and are conscious of how each part of their lives influences the other.sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkin.jpg

Let me define for you my premise for success. It is consciously having it all in every area of your life. What is the point in having a lot of money but you can’t run around with your kids i.e. your body is out of shape. Or having a phenomenal love partner but you are unsatisfied professionally.

So many people settle for less than they are capable of. They feel stuck in one or more parts of their lives and are not conscious of how their habits create their daily lives. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

My mind is still in the habit of telling me every morning that I don’t have time to exercise today. Every morning I ignore that because if I don’t make time for well-being and fitness I am unconsciously making time for sickness and diminished energy. How many times do our minds feed us this kind of misinformation and we accept the programme in our minds as true?

The funny thing about my exercise routine is, is that I have it down to 15 minutes a day and still my mind likes to pass comment about time shortage. However, because I am clear as to why I am working out and how it affects every other area of my life and for the purposes of this blog, for book arb, I do it anyway. My mind will eventually give up telling me I have no time and my consistent habit of working out is becoming automatic. That right there is one of the secrets of success. Consistency.

So back to my overall habits. For one thing as I have alluded to I am very clear on what I am creating in my life on a daily basis and why. I set myself up for success that way. This did not take me very long at all to work out and has set me up for life. You wouldn’t set off on a holiday without first planning where you are going, knowing whose going with you, what you’ll do when you get there, where you’ll stay and for how long and yet very few people plan the destination of their lives! A two week holiday frequently gets more attention than a lifetime of happiness.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.  ~ Earl Nightingale ~

I am clear about the kind of life I desire to live and the way I live today, that is the habits I create today, create my future ideal – today. I designed a plan on paper for working from home with my partner in life, Tom, creating a life-changing sum of money that would allow us to live the life of our dreams from anywhere in the world using the power of compound interest. Within 2 weeks of creating that plan the opportunity for book arb came into our lives. It was a no brainer to jump in.

First thing is know what you want. Done. Next was to know our why. Done. This why by the way is not a one off. This why is the reason we both get up early every morning to work on our book arb business and to move the needle for a higher return. We work out our bodies through exercise. We meditate to begin the day with a clean slate and to ensure that we are clear and conscious in our decisions. We work out our minds through reading or listening to conscious inspirational material.  We then consciously talk about the things we appreciate as what we appreciate grows.

Then we are ready to dig into the business in the practical sense. I typically begin by checking my emails for alerts on book deals (easy, next blog). Next I go about repricing which is done both automatically and manually ( again, next blog). Next I look for trade-in deals which is literally trawling for free money. Then if I am buying books that day I buy books.

Tom is a whiz at systems and spreadsheets and paying the bills on time e.g. book processing fees etc. He deals with returns and logging all our books in order. He is super efficient in this and makes our business run like clock work. By lunchtime I like to check into the Facebook group to ask or answer questions and be inspired by the community. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons I attend the live webinars to connect with the community and to learn more. To my mind, if I’m not learning and applying what I learn I am not growing.

Wednesday mornings at the moment is my social media morning so I blog or tweet etc. My whole week is set up around the success of this business. Thursdays and Fridays continue with sales and trade-ins and consideration of goals met or missed that week and followed by scheduling for next weeks routine. I am happily applying myself this year to book arb for financial success as that is our over riding goal for the year and literally this will yield expansion in every other area of our lives. By this time next year most of it will be automated and we are excited by this as creating money is about time freedom as well as money freedom. There are many inspirational people in the book arb community who are already enjoying their new lifestyle and we are excited to join them.

We know exactly what we are looking to achieve and regularly schedule times to strategize how to reach those goals so that we stay on track. Our results so far are humble as you can see from our screen shots but they are significant to us and our financial freedom once we apply the system so it’s easy to keep going.  Further, because we are playing a bigger game in our daily habits independently of the results, we are setting ourselves up for the success that has now become inevitable. We have passed the tipping point and I’ll explain how in another blog.

2018 05 20th - Sales Screenshot

Do not let your mind take you out here with these humble figures. When you can create one dollar on-line there is no limit to how many dollars, or euro in our case, you can create. The life-changing figures are on their way as we know where we are going and having a lot of fun learning along the way. Definition of a great journey for me.

The speed with which it is possible to turn our financial fortunes around with this is nothing short of extraordinary to us and from such a small initial investment of €1,000.

It may be of interest to note that I had created success habits before this opportunity arrived and perhaps that is why success is so expected now. We knew who we were and formed some daily habits of success before we started this or knew about this opportunity. It is easy to believe the story your mind tells you when it says, “I would work out too if I had the time or money,” or that “it’s ok for them (pick your hero),” but you can be sure they had success habits in play that got them there.

If all this sounds like a lot of work then think about the amount of work you could have to do over a lifetime when working for someone else doing something you don’t really like. Or take charge of your financial destiny today and work only when and where you desire. It may be worth some consideration.

Can I guarantee your success? No. But I can assure you that for us this opportunity is changing our lives and it has exceeded our expectations in terms of delivery of what was on offer. Our dreams are in the process of coming through because this opportunity has gotten the monkey off our backs in the financial sense and our horizons have been broadened now that money is no longer an issue holding us back.

Next I will get into some of the nitty gritty of the book arb business by sharing with you how we find deals so quickly and the power of dynamic repricing.

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World Class Support

Whenever you have a question, someone will show up to answer it. I go into the group most days and every day I learn something new and I am inspired by someone’s success.

If like me you’ve felt you’ve been sold a pup before when it comes to “an active support community,” then let me tell you I hear you. However this community, that we have found with book arb, has way exceeded our wildest expectations.pexels-photo-872955.jpeg

If all this sounds great but your mind is jumping to, “but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t make a success of book arbitrage”, then let me reassure you, it is possible for you. The training we received was comprehensive. Within a couple of weeks as I said before we knew everything we needed to know to get going and start making money. Obviously the longer we’re in it the more we hone our vision but we have found that it really is a paint by numbers system on making money through books.

For one thing every week we can speak live to Jon Shugart and Luke Sample on the webinars which are built around our live questions. Their team answer all queries and emails on and off air. Their success is seeing us realize how easy it is to make money through this system and changing our financial lives. The weekly celebrations on the webinar that take place whether someone has just sold their first book or whether someone has surpassed the $100,000 milestone or is moving towards the $1,000,000 mark are inspiring.

The questions that are asked every week teaches something new to everyone. If you have not met this particular problem yet you will and now have the solution ahead of time. Amazing!

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.    ~Anthony J. D’Angelo~

The private Facebook page is really dynamic. Everyone in there is learning and growing their book arbitrage business. Whenever you have a question, someone will show up to answer it. The tips and tricks that are shared there are priceless. Because the book market is so big there is no feeling of competition so it really represents the power of masterminding. Everyone really does help everyone else, even down to sharing great books that are current trade-in’s to save you looking or repricing strategies etc.

I go into the group most days and every day I learn something new and I am inspired by someone’s success. We add screen shots to inspire one another and to cheer each other on. If you ever dreamed of having a cheerleading team for you and your business then this is it.

Additionally, as I have alluded to before there is one-one mentoring available for an extra charge which really sticks a rocket booster on your business. We accelerated our business success by perhaps a couple of years when we had 2 months of mentoring.

Where else in the world can you get so much hand holding, cheering and practical steps on a daily basis to build your business? Honestly, it takes my breath away how wonderful this is.

I have started many other businesses in the past with nowhere near this level of certainty of success or support. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that it can be a lonely slog to get something going. The certainty with which we began making money this time with this system and the support has been the game-changer.

Imagine starting a business knowing for sure that it will be successful. Imagine the power and clarity of that certainty and the momentum that gives you. Imagine having a team of experts answer all your questions every week. Imagine others who are at a similar stage as yourself and further along the road stopping by to answer your questions. Imagine having a mentor look over your shoulder at your specific business and laser focus your resources and efforts to maximum effect. Imagine making more money than you ever have before on-line and changing your family’s quality of life. Imagine you’re only 7 months in and the power of compounding has already shown up in your business.

Imagine also at such an early stage having made back your initial investment months ago and now the money you’re making is all profit. Imagine creating profits of up to 100%-250% on your money which we have made and we’re still novices. Imagine the lowest profits we make can be 20%-30% and that’s on books we bought when we were less experienced. Imagine investing your money and making these kinds of returns with any other investment vehicle and how the world would herald them. Imagine after only a few months being in the position to begin automating this business to run without us. Imagine every night going to bed and sleeping soundly because your money works for you 24 hours a day.

This is the wonderful place we find ourselves and it just keeps getting better. We are so thankful for this opportunity and for the ways in which it is changing our lives and the legacy we can go on to create because of it. It is the game-changer and needle mover we had searched for and it feels amazing to have realized it.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing so read on in the next blog to see what mistakes we’ve made and how we have addressed them. Hint: We were getting in our own way………and it’s why mindset is so crucial even when you meet certainty on the yellow brick road.

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Book Trade-In’s/BuyBacks = Free Money

Would you believe they give you free money to build your business!

I explained book arbitrage in the last blog. Now to the other side of this easy business where you read it right, they give you free money to build your business. Yes, actual dollar amounts into your account. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it in action.

How does it work? Again, we mostly focus on Amazon, at the moment, so that is the primary focus of this blog, but many of the on-line booksellers provide the same service. It saves them time and makes you money. Amazon call it trade-ins and the other booksellers call it buybacks. It’s the same thing.pexels-photo-970198.jpeg

Trade-ins work by sourcing high demand books and sending them into Amazon who offer a trade-in price that you can lock in at the click of the mouse. As long as the book meets the desired condition the money is guaranteed.

When Amazon are low in stock in a certain book this is when they offer trade-ins. The beauty of this system is you can source these books on Amazon itself as well as other online outlets and if you can buy the book at a cheaper price than the trade-in price then you keep the difference. Sometimes this amount can be as low as $2 or $3 up to $80-$120 which we have received.

Amazon award you a gift card with the difference which you can then use to buy books to sell and grow your business. It is insanely easy and really powerful for building your inventory. I believe you can cash the gift cards but why would you when they pay you to build your inventory?

I don’t know of any other business where they actually give you gift cards or credit on your account to buy more stock. The accumulative effect of this is awesome and builds into thousands of dollars over a very short amount of time.

How do you find these trades? The software that we use with finds these trades for us. How simple is that? We put in a topic e.g. chemistry and then the software identifies the deals. We literally log on and find free money. No, there’s no catch. Yes, it is that simple!

Since we have combined the two sides of this business, Book Arbitrage and Book Trade-In’s, we have seen a significant increase in our sales and profits. As I have stated before this is by far the easiest and most powerful system I have ever seen for building real world success. The only way this doesn’t work is if you don’t do it or don’t follow the training.

The training is pretty comprehensive, and the support has exceeded our expectations by a country mile. I will speak more about these in the next blog but for now you have all the knowledge necessary to start a new business model that could change your life as it has ours and begin making real world money.

If you are interested in making money and being in charge of your financial destiny or even adding another income stream that works into your life then for me this is the thing you could be looking for. No, it isn’t too good to be true. It is working for us.

Next, I’ll describe the amazing world class support and the incredible value and leverage that has added to our experience.

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