World Class Support

Whenever you have a question, someone will show up to answer it. I go into the group most days and every day I learn something new and I am inspired by someone’s success.

If like me you’ve felt you’ve been sold a pup before when it comes to “an active support community,” then let me tell you I hear you. However this community, that we have found with book arb, has way exceeded our wildest expectations.pexels-photo-872955.jpeg

If all this sounds great but your mind is jumping to, “but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t make a success of book arbitrage”, then let me reassure you, it is possible for you. The training we received was comprehensive. Within a couple of weeks as I said before we knew everything we needed to know to get going and start making money. Obviously the longer we’re in it the more we hone our vision but we have found that it really is a paint by numbers system on making money through books.

For one thing every week we can speak live to Jon Shugart and Luke Sample on the webinars which are built around our live questions. Their team answer all queries and emails on and off air. Their success is seeing us realize how easy it is to make money through this system and changing our financial lives. The weekly celebrations on the webinar that take place whether someone has just sold their first book or whether someone has surpassed the $100,000 milestone or is moving towards the $1,000,000 mark are inspiring.

The questions that are asked every week teaches something new to everyone. If you have not met this particular problem yet you will and now have the solution ahead of time. Amazing!

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.    ~Anthony J. D’Angelo~

The private Facebook page is really dynamic. Everyone in there is learning and growing their book arbitrage business. Whenever you have a question, someone will show up to answer it. The tips and tricks that are shared there are priceless. Because the book market is so big there is no feeling of competition so it really represents the power of masterminding. Everyone really does help everyone else, even down to sharing great books that are current trade-in’s to save you looking or repricing strategies etc.

I go into the group most days and every day I learn something new and I am inspired by someone’s success. We add screen shots to inspire one another and to cheer each other on. If you ever dreamed of having a cheerleading team for you and your business then this is it.

Additionally, as I have alluded to before there is one-one mentoring available for an extra charge which really sticks a rocket booster on your business. We accelerated our business success by perhaps a couple of years when we had 2 months of mentoring.

Where else in the world can you get so much hand holding, cheering and practical steps on a daily basis to build your business? Honestly, it takes my breath away how wonderful this is.

I have started many other businesses in the past with nowhere near this level of certainty of success or support. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that it can be a lonely slog to get something going. The certainty with which we began making money this time with this system and the support has been the game-changer.

Imagine starting a business knowing for sure that it will be successful. Imagine the power and clarity of that certainty and the momentum that gives you. Imagine having a team of experts answer all your questions every week. Imagine others who are at a similar stage as yourself and further along the road stopping by to answer your questions. Imagine having a mentor look over your shoulder at your specific business and laser focus your resources and efforts to maximum effect. Imagine making more money than you ever have before on-line and changing your family’s quality of life. Imagine you’re only 7 months in and the power of compounding has already shown up in your business.

Imagine also at such an early stage having made back your initial investment months ago and now the money you’re making is all profit. Imagine creating profits of up to 100%-250% on your money which we have made and we’re still novices. Imagine the lowest profits we make can be 20%-30% and that’s on books we bought when we were less experienced. Imagine investing your money and making these kinds of returns with any other investment vehicle and how the world would herald them. Imagine after only a few months being in the position to begin automating this business to run without us. Imagine every night going to bed and sleeping soundly because your money works for you 24 hours a day.

This is the wonderful place we find ourselves and it just keeps getting better. We are so thankful for this opportunity and for the ways in which it is changing our lives and the legacy we can go on to create because of it. It is the game-changer and needle mover we had searched for and it feels amazing to have realized it.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing so read on in the next blog to see what mistakes we’ve made and how we have addressed them. Hint: We were getting in our own way………and it’s why mindset is so crucial even when you meet certainty on the yellow brick road.

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