Had I allowed my techno-phobia to take me out of the game before I got started then I would not be in the successfully financial position I am today.

When I say that I am technically challenged then I mean it. I can email, search google and buy stuff on-line. That’s pretty much it.

So how is that I am creating more money every day even while I sleep through book arbitrage? I would say commitment is key for me and playing to my off-line strengths.


For one thing the training is done in super small steps, thank God. I watched the videos a few times to get what everyone else seemed to get first time. So what? In this area of my life I am learning to create money as a by product of being alive. I am happy to give my attention to that.

For another, I agree with what Henry Ford said “the best way is always the simplest.” I ask lots of questions on the private facebook page and on-line webinars. No, there is no question that is too elementary.  Bruce Lee said “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” The more questions I ask the more I learn and whenever I ask a question others learn too.

I ask for help from the people in my life. I am married to Tom who is a systems genius. He has automated a system for us to keep track of all our purchases and sales with this rinse and repeat system with office spreadsheets etc. If this is something that is hard for you to do as it is for me, then two things. One, it is easy to find someone else who can do it. Most of the kids learn it in school nowadays or we all have friends who work in an office who could show us. Or two, take a night class. In this case with book arbitrage learning this skill could allow you to keep account of your money as it rolls in. If that doesn’t entice you then nothing will.

We paid for a mentor in book arbitrage for a couple of months to grow our understanding and application of this business. This proved invaluable to the acceleration our understanding of this simple model and as a consequence our business.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”    ~ Henry Ford ~

I mentioned in an earlier blog that some of my extended family are involved in book arbitrage as a money building venture too and every week we get together on a video call about book arbitrage where we talk about how our week was and set goals for the coming week. The power of accountability has proven dynamic in our shared momentum in our individual businesses.

Next, I know my strengths and weaknesses in using the book arbitrage software itself. I know my lane in this business and I do that really well. I do each piece until I can do it in my sleep and then I add another skill. At the moment I purchase books. I reprice. I show up for all the webinars to learn more. I am on the Book Arbitrage Facebook page a lot asking and answering questions expanding my learning and giving back to others.

This is a key skill because one of the most effective ways to learn something is to teach it to others too. I am writing this blog to document my journey to entrench my learning and to fulfill my purpose of helping others create financial certainty in their lives. This is my favourite piece.

Had I allowed my techno-phobia to take me out of the game before I got started then I would not be in the successfully financial position I am today. I approach it in the same way I learned to drive a car. I couldn’t do it at first but I learned new skills each week until I could do it on auto pilot and it’s the same with this.

I have set myself up for success by immersing myself in it for one year until I become all but hands off with this model. This system is so easy to learn and many others ahead of us have hired VA’s (Virtual Assistants) to do most of the work they don’t want to do or can’t do, like spreadsheets etc. Would you be willing to work for one year to have the rest of your life off with just an hours work a day?

Technophobe or not, I am succeeding with this business. Ask yourself, what is holding you back from doing this business and solve it. That is what I did.

We live in a world that at a push of a button we have access to answers, at the speed of light, through the internet. Are you really saying to yourself that you can’t do this or be bothered to create massive wealth for you and your family easily?

Think about what you could do with unlimited money and freedom for yourself and your family. What experiences could you have? What quality of life could you and they have?

I know that for me my life has taken off since I took charge of my financial destiny. I know what I can accomplish for myself and my family even after I’m gone and that is exhilarating to think about.

In the next blog I will share the importance of staying in my own lane when swimming in this bigger pond of financial success with the big boys and big numbers that are new to me and still being delighted with my own progress.

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